Sunfish Woodworks

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Bob Batchik - Designer / Carver


Bob Batchik - Designer / Carver
1634 Iverness St.
Sylvan Lake, MI 48320-1629


+1 248 321-1893


About the Artist:

Bob has a Fine Arts Degree from Northern Michigan University and background as a professional graphic designer. He has held positions as diverse as an artist at a T-shirt screen printing shop to a computer graphic designer with the Xerox Corp. Wood carving started as a hobby 25 years ago that grew into a full time occupation as demand for his art grew. Using this background, he established Sunfish Woodworks, which gives him the opportunity to pursue his passion for woodcarving and custom design  He specializes in realistic trophy fish carvings, oversized fish carvings, custom carved signs, and wood furniture. A traditionalist at heart, his one of a kind carvings are created using only hand tools such as draw knives, spoke shaves, gouges, and chisels. Bob can create lifelike painted carvings of fish in fine detail but prefers to express himself in a more relaxed style. The planes and facets left behind by the tools show that the art is indeed a one of a kind hand carved item. Choose from stock items or place a custom order.

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